Adoption (Agency, Private Placement, Step-Parent, Single Parent, Unmarried Couples and Domestic Partners, International and Re-Adoption)

Warren & Warren, P.C. has successfully handled thousands of adoption proceedings. One local New York City newspaper dubbed the founding partner, “uncle to thousands of adoptive children.” The firm routinely handles complicated adoption matters involving complex issues of law and contested issues of fact as well as numerous “straight forward” adoptions where all of the necessary consents are in place. In fact, Warren & Warren, P.C. is among the most experienced and widely used adoption law firms in the State of New York. The firm has vast experience representing a diverse group of adoptive families, foster parents, step parents, and individuals and has been doing so for many years.

Subsidized Kinship Guardianship (Kingap)

Relatives currently providing kinship foster care for a child through New York City Administration for Children’s Services or other Department of Social Services within New York State, now have an important option to consider when planning for the future of their kinship foster child. Recent legislation which is effective April 1, 2011 provides, in appropriate circumstances, for subsidized guardianship as an alternative to foster care. The subsidy amount would be similar to the current foster board rate or proposed adoption subsidy. In addition the new law allows for reimbursement of the costs associated with obtaining guardianship including legal fees of up to $2000. There are important eligibility requirements and legal ramifications which should be discussed with an attorney before proceeding. Even though this is a new law, Warren & Warren PC has the experience and knowledge to both advise and represent prospective guardians in court to assure that the best results are obtained.


Court ordered guardianship is a temporary way to protect the legal rights and interests of a minor during the absence or unavailability of the child’s parent. New legislation now gives the court jurisdiction over such matters until the child is 21 years of age under the appropriate circumstances. It may also become necessary for a parent to obtain special letters of guardianship in the event their child is over the age of 21 and is developmentally disabled and incapable of managing their affairs. Warren & Warren, P.C. has handled all types of guardianship matters and can represent you and your family should the need arise.

Custody and Visitation

There are many reasons that parents, grandparents, siblings, and other relatives find themselves involved with the custody of a minor. Whether you are a grandparent seeking custody of a grandchild because of a neglectful or absent parent, or a parent seeking to obtain or enlarge visitation rights, you can be assured that Warren & Warren, P.C. has handled many similar cases and can competently and professionally handle your matter.

Special Immigrant Juvenile Status

When tragedy struck the family of Erin and Robert in Canada and their parents could no longer care for them, the only thing preventing them from being placed in foster care was the kindness of friends of the family who lived in New York. Warren & Warren, P.C. was able to obtain letters of guardianship with special findings so that Robert and Erin could obtain legal status in the United States and continue to reside with their guardians.

Warren & Warren, P.C. also assisted Juan who was abandoned by his father and whose mother was unable to care for him when he made his way to the US from his country in Central America. Only weeks remained before Juan would turn 18 and might lose eligibility for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. Warren & Warren, P.C. rushed to file proceedings in court. The court granted letters of guardianship to his uncle and made special findings so that Juan could obtain legal immigration status.

Representation of Foster Care Agencies

Warren & Warren, P.C. has specialized in the representation of foster care and social services agencies for many decades. Whether as a consultant with respect to organizational and regulatory matters, or in Family Court litigation, the firm has longstanding expertise in the field. Of particular note is the firm’s experience handling termination of parental rights proceedings. In the first case of its kind, in re Marino S., Warren & Warren, P.C. utilized new legislation enacted by New York State pursuant to the federal Adoption and Safe Families Act to terminate parental rights and secure an adoptive placement for the child. Appeals to the Appellate Division and Court of Appeals upheld the unique approach in this case involving severe child abuse. As reported in the New York Law Journal, “this case closes a loophole in New York child protection law and expedites the adoption process in suitable cases.”

New York State Administrative Fair Hearings

Many determinations made by public officials can be appealed by requesting an Administrative Fair Hearing. Warren & Warren, P.C. has represented many foster and adoptive parents in appeals having to do with a public official failing to establish the correct foster board or adoption subsidy rate. In appropriate cases, large retroactive awards have been obtained by Warren & Warren, P.C. The firm also represents agencies in the defense of determinations made by them from which appeals are taken.

Not-For-Profit Corporations

In New York State, Not-For-Profit Corporations are highly regulated by the Attorney General’s office, Charities Bureau. The Boards of Not-For-Profit institutions have a fiduciary obligation to insure that the public trust is not violated and that the Corporation follows the many regulatory requirements of the State. Warren & Warren, P.C. has a long history representing organizations whose purposes are charitable, educational, or sponsored by religious communities and has served as general and special counsel to its officers and boards. The firm is experienced in all phases of corporate existence including forming, growing and advising, merging and dissolving organizations. Some of our clients who began with modest budgets have grown to be complex organizations with budgets in excess of fifty million dollars.

Warren & Warren, P.C. often provides advice and training on a variety of operational issues, including human resources, in an effort to avoid mistakes which could result in costly litigation by aggrieved employees against the employer.

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